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Employers train their own employees for crime scene cleanup writing. Usually they use an objective fill-in-the-box sheet, if any thing. Many employers hire professional writers for their narrative writing. Some bosses do their own writing and enjoy doing so. Many employers have inside contacts to the county coroner, medical examiners, and administration departments. So they have a monopoly over crime scene cleanup; they have no need for crime scene cleanup writing, actually .

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Crime Scene Cleanup Writing


Academic writing Usually three ideas work here. style, the formal style is the academic style; 2 correct punctuation is a big part of formal writing, and 3 paragraphing.


What is a paragraph? We can see where paragraphs begin and end. A number of related sentences that deal with one main idea. It makes a single statement.

The different things that must be in a paragraph to make it work. They must be physically easy to se3e. It must have one main idea and only one main idea. I must be focused on one main idea.

A para must be well organized. The cohesion of a paragraph counts much.

Let's deconstruct a paragraph:


Coherence - everything within has a relationship

Development critically whExas 3

Unity: coherence development

Unit: must have a topic sentence that states the main idea start a paragraph with the topic sentence.

Topic sente4ne has topic first. Controlling idea makes a comment about the topic.

Identify Hurricanes, which are also called tropical cyclones, exert tremendous power. These violent storms are often a hundred miles in diameter, and their winds are often a hundred miles in diameter, and the winds can reach velocities of seventy-five miles and hour or more. Furthermore, the strong winds and heavy rainfall that accompany them can completely destroy a small town in a couple of hours. The energy that is released by a hurricane in one day exceeds the total energy consumed by mankind throughout the world in one year.


W questions who what when why where


These like who help to tell who is affected by hurricanes. Affect people in the US.

What? are unique weather phenomena

What makes them unique?

Where: occur in seven cyclone basdins around he world

when regularly in he warm months

why: warm ocean water and thunder storms.


topic and controlling idea.


Where the top should come in paragraph. First sentence often a useful place for the topic sentence, the main idea. It can go elsewhere in the paragraph; the first and last of a para will do too.


Does a hot, humid summer's day make you feel grumpy? Does a rainy day make you feel depressed? The weather seems to affect people's moods. Hot weather makes some people irritable, while others love the heat, and are very happy and cheerful on a summer's day. Others don't mind the heat but say they hate it when it is humid because the humidity makes them tired.

In most schools, courses are offered in English, maths, science, geography, history and physical education. Some schools also offer art, music, industrial science, home economics, computer science, foreign languages, business studies, and even agriculture lessons. A lot of schools provide the opportunity before, during or after school for students to participate in sport, cultural clubs, and other activities. Schools are also there to help students with problems, reward students for achievement, punish students for unacceptable behavior, and in some cases, even to feed students in addition to educating them. Schools address a large variety of needs.


Coherence: how the sentences are related and the sentences allow for easy reading and understanding.

How do we achieve it? Logical bridges from one sentence to another help to create coherence. Repeat key words.

Coherence gives us sticky words, logical bridges between sentences. This mean a coherence exists. Repeating key words will work using synonyms will work.

synonyms are words that almost mean the same thing.

Use pronouns - 3 - them for helping to create bridges, coherence.


Transition words are words that furthermore, similarly, furthermore,

3. Development for details and evidence to support the evidence. Illustrate point with examples. Not restating, but developing with grander evidence and ideas. TEE Rule

Topic Sentence

E Explanation

E Examples/Evidence

Gold,m a precious metal, is prized for three important reasons. First of all, gold has a lustrous beauty that makes it suitable for jeweler and ornamental purposes. Secondly, it is resistant to corrosion. For example, an ancient Roman coin remains as untarnished today as the day it was minted two thousand years ago. Furthermore, for many years gold has been used in hundreds of industrial application. Its most recent use has been in astronauts' suits. Astronauts wear gold-plated heat shielding for protection outside the space ship . In conclusion, gold is not only treasured for durability and beauty, but also for its utility.

characters ers - use resonant characters

Use lead characters as nouns familiar to your readers. Let those characters tell the story, wove3nthroughout your writing

Managers, workers

teachers, students

customers, clients

Wrong: Professional advancement is achieved through hard work

Action Verbs

Use strong, active, visual verbs to propel your writing and readers along.

Wrong: The memo is written well

Right: The manager crafted the memo\o with resonant characters and strong verbs.

The 8-Word Test

Keep your noun and verb within 89 words of each others

Wrong: the manager responsible for the daily assignments and worker allocation charts in our department is sick today.

Right: Our department manager called in sick today, so we are missing the daily assignments on the worker allocation charts.

4. Explicit Connectors.

Link complex sentences and phrases with connectors to help your reader navigate though text. however, there3fore

Wrong: The manager didn't treat the workers well. Workers were poorly motivated and often quit.

Right: The manager mistreated the workers. Because of that, the workers suffered from poor motivation and often quit.

5 From Old to new

Establish common ground to the message development, leading your readers from comfortable familiar territory to the new.

Wrong: We will mix the new formula with the following steps. This will modify our old procedures.

Right: Our existing protocol calls for mixing the formula with established procedures. The new method will improve upon that in the following ways.

p/s//a pARADIGM


Frame4 the problem: We are losing valuable works.

Pose a Solution:

Let's create a worker retention program.

Call to Action:

Let's hire a consultancy for manager training next month.

Resonant characters, action verbs, 8 word test, link sentences and phrases with explicit connectors. 5 lead readers from old to new information, 6 find a problem , find a solution, and call to action.


Bad writing:

Wrong: Developmental success for everyone within an organization from top to bottom and all steps in between is ensured when good work is encouraged among the front-line people. Those responsible for leadership will get more loyalty and harder work from their team members if they treat them well.

Right: Our company's success is important to us all. Unfortunately, we have a costly turnover of valuable workers. However our managers can remedy this by recognizing, respecting, and rewarding the good efforts of our workers. Such responsible managers may win the loyalty and best efforts of our teams. Therefore we should hire a consultant for managerial training..

noun, problem, solution, strong characters (managers and team).

never did run smooth. I do any of great passion and someone else experience this conflict transformation all those event have to happen. I to a person celebrates the character. Character moments when he see his stakes differently when they misunderstand each other. Love or hate each other. Question each other the same thing that makes it interesting people in life laxity uniqueness internal conflict passion desires. In addition, we can love, characters, and we can take care humanness is to them even before hoping a needed deservedly wicked to three things in a good story dramatic a singly daily scene setting exercise step in so then and is not trying another exercise together photograph number of 1944, during the liberation war in LeClerc's Armed Forces fighting for control of Paris. It appears in the archives of life magazine and what you know is it some editor child that is it tells how will you and the journalist that day your nonfiction account of the liberation of Paris, we find his image will remember what we find our narrative are conflict in character to look at the photograph carefully ideas and observations of hernia in the foreground is the French soldier Codding midstride, the blur of motion of the rifling is old-fashioned French cars and one is evocative streetlights immediately tell you this is Paris behind the car near his knees takes aim at some distant roofer window and more closely

Below him on the street to my hands looking in the same direction watching something. Now notice that crouched at the the and shooting and another soldier have to only there is a historical photo documentary record of a small moment larger story the liberation of Paris final days than not the occupation of France historical moment. It's rich enough to sustain thousands of stories in fact it would be sent to say the second world war party has as a writer then imagine thinking about taking it is our top at different things. We need to be considering a professional writer's surface. I be worried about a book or an essay that likely get published. We need to think about the market that is thousand books on the second world war would be fraction on our story. What is is your new entity would collect the hulk of your story decision is going to involve research and will talk about I finding new angle and I find a marketable topic at the end of our course lesson 23 all writers need to think about having a compelling angle. Even if you aren't hoping the publisher project tango after all, is just a way of coming at a topic fat is just another way talking about finding her story. Let's remember signing his story needs I need out at least three things character narrative in conflict and how they come together photograph here we start by just exploring the option not in the version of our last exercise now we trained was story actually had to work with and especially: possible characters, but at least nine aren't there to get nine officer and only have a hardluck all the possible on this story implied by the structure. This photograph well, there's the running soldier the two soldiers crouching the three civilians watching it you doing back in your had you'll realize that sex just beyond margins in this image 17 is the is the character of the man is a target of the gunfire's online history tells us we history tells us is that baseless nameless German sniper eight characters. The person who took the photograph the photojournalist and why I even with a bit of find out his name or her even wartime experiences in the first the viewer. You can't tell the story from the first-hand perspective because you went there to witness it implied a you are would be breaking the nonfiction contract, but you are witnessing in the present you are looking at this photograph. I can write about that the author can always be characters outside the immediate frame are always better could write a great theme focused on man standing on the window ledge focus on the soldier kiting the motion only wanted to invite all options is not matters just as much as character is finding or near draw the obvious conflict in the man in the photograph, who is shooting and why. Else at all those soldiers be crouching and Friday is arms target image again one other possible conflicts in his story. I think of it another way, lightly different stakes that history tells us singular moment present you come up with media notice that one of the name crouching is in 15th in the next to him is wearing formal military uniform is a difference here franking wartime experience shortly that voyeuristic civilians have a different investment from the soldiers in combat. One civilians climbed up on a window ledge and a better view of the action fact making one why civilian appear so confident that he's not a target is standing tall looking out boldly awake. Maybe he is in a voyeur at all. Maybe he's a brave man who had recklessly offered to watch ordinary citizen drawn into duty it dangerous national moment of how the Canadian running in the foreground of the photograph. What might be a story and stated dramatic tension is he's running away from or running toward

Lecture to play being the story of the kingdom minded narrative that were readily mastering this course that you exciting genre. It's noticed creative nonfiction and because he is all the same strategies with the fiction for telling a great story nonfiction things that currently looks in this genre are among the book world biggest bestsellers in the form of a powerful biography or a gripping memoir is a history of interesting and fascinating people called it forums of books or essays I have the shelves of bookstores and found a story of your family's story of your own unique experience when we write it all always negotiating is our promise to the reader that we will tell a great a locality truthfully (that exercise will think about what you might discover trying it out. I asked you to remit to write a paragraph or two describing Bradys bluster and Leslie are bucklers meeting in conversation and you need a history of scene into an interesting account to the kind of narrative event with a story battle was running through your mind when you look at those facts and started trying to imagine how you arranged in the narrative got stuck thinking just about the question. Hopefully I'm going to the different ways you could use the fax characters tensions. If you find yourself thinking when facts leave us an interesting narrative openings himself the right strategy about this similar exercise. Here again together. You can find the story and exercise you begin this narrative writing what you are listening in on two people at a café table imagine that I'm giving you the just the facts version of the events and things you have to work your story with its colony of actual minutes here the essentials. It's 12:05 PM café was so busy street in the city are characters present, girl is wearing very high heels, red lipstick Jihad that the cell phone furiously in the guy is out of breath for an accent introduction to me the girl or is a double vodka. The guy orders an espresso I said sorry delay. I was just we stopped here, of course, that conversation surely goes on just about the very first moment we can start to do to make it into a story questions that are running to your head was missing pieces of information while why I think the girl U double vodka-of this encounter it immediately new anyhow, instead of a blind date is the guy from who is this girl wearing dramatic went red lipstick, who introduced these two and one the world with it as we arty have an idea that his love affair works out is going to be in on story all these questions are crucial elements and storytelling. We ask ourselves these questions were looking to understand character were looking to understand their investments and motivations. We can see the possibility attention miscommunication on the horizon and once you start to see things on the horizon when beginning to think about narrative arc the story going. What's his forward momentum I finished that to see what his reason tells us about his personality investment will happen before the scene is what it is all talk a lot about later in the course because something interesting is always already happened for the beginning of any great story. If we were fiction writers. We writing a story would be simple wooden railing give a guy name in the coming Edvard and an aging playboy still stuck in the 1970s from how the Barcelona and the girl of the Griselda A.D. drinking means you alcoholic or maybe something very unusual has happened and she needs something from wired still gathering her current initiatives when something terrible. Maybe, maybe the world of fiction as possibilities are endless. It will creative nonfiction now we've made a deal with the reader. We aren't going to invent anything can be Edvard from Barcelona. She can be Griselda, not unless during the introductions ask what you heard that is that's not one of the facts I gave you a feeling hemmed in by the weight of fact here are those of us. He's extinction as understandable then isn't enough for a story here. In fact, is enough for several rich narratives about the narratives, leading to be opened up and told that they had something fiction doesn't have the power to human experience of trying them who cares about the romantic and warning Griselda their finger of my imagination here that Hair to real life people, perhaps beginning one of history's great love affairs. Perhaps it will be one history great disasters or maybe it's not a David all. After all the facts don't make that clear. I who knows what'll happen whatever it is to these two people in front of you will go on with their lives in their stories and where his character. He narrative tension is always the possibility for powerful drama and is a nonfiction writer. You just need to learn how far it shape symmetry is one historians a couple of a café table interesting word, even though what nonfiction contract as part of part you might have to do it first thing you might have realizes that because you are going to be able to meet anything you're going to need to think about how to get his mileage out of this view details as possible is details heart of character you only need to listen to the nuances of all the smallest details. It is writer is a creative, noting the settings need to collect as much information as possible in stating the facts definitely the aren't able to read nonverbal cues are draw logical inferences from what we find in front of us second ideas in my example tell you. For example of the ways in which you can confidently describe this woman is no end to taking care with in Congress for the treatment of man Either off the facts alone is very popular ones. They also tell them it seemed kind of fact is words at considerable to me because also but the main character is thanks to his story and the reporting of the facts. This story shows character what they look like what I hear stories may react based on it when it gets really seen television when he bring the suspect based on facts and witness remembers LIKE WHAT WERE DOING WRITERS OF CREATIVE NONFICTION, WE GATHER AT THE FACTS OF PORTRAIT IS IDENTIFIABLE WORKING WITH IS NEEDED TO EAT YOU USE JUST THE FACTS TO SIGN UP AS CHARACTERS YOU WANT TO TRY RIGHT NEXT EXERCISE ON IT DOUBLE CHECK THE END OF IT TIRED TO TURN THESE PEOPLE INTO CHARACTERS DID YOU END ANYTHING. IN FACT, IN THE VERY BEGINNING I IS THAT I ACTUALLY FACTS YOUR VERSION OF THE STORY IS SO NONFICTION CONTRACT IS LATER TO BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT OTHER IS NEEDED AND HOW YOU MIGHT HAVE MOVED IT INTO A STORY. THE CONVERSATION CARLOTTA AND MEETING A THE BASIC STRUCTURE POSSIBLE NARRATIVE, BUT I'M TELLING A GOOD STORY. IF YOU DID ESSENTIAL ABOUT STORYTELLING ADVENTURE TO CHANGE WHAT HAPPENED NARRATIVE NONFICTION TAKE INVENT DRAMATIC MOMENT YOU HAD ONE POWERFUL TOOL YEARS. THOSE ARE REALLY ULTIMATELY THE STORY AND THEN STORYTELLING POTENTIAL STORY AND FRAME THEM IN A WAY THAT PROHIBITS THIS ACCOUNT WHILE I MEAN BUSINESS OF THE POWER OF BEGINNINGS. I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WOMAN SITTING AT LIPSTICK IN THE HIGH-FAT WRITING ABOUT IT. I CAN BEGIN HER SHE FASCINATES ME. I STARTED MY SCENE v. I don't look a woman would let red stack this or that kind of person is resulted in to play fact I have preformation what kind of person she had impression eating about her getting impression to your drawing conclusions about this lady that is all the time in life to the keep their objectivity. The actual details I need you to endanger imagination Retelling it will talk about in this course and 84 happens on the author doesn't tell you these things. It shows you are let you be the one to send them the first fact that I give you are powerful invitation. Indeed, not just your first impression of this woman in housing what I'm inviting you think the stories about after Bob area was wearing red list I thinking of encounter about her in action is fiction contract with the reader doesn't mean that include every detail. Perhaps a story that I will just wasn't part of one matter think about this is the difference I see Faye in conversation. She's having before the men arrived anything like a wasn't him. What if they were awesome. What if she's a CIA agent. I see this is the story of a romance that conversation you think of this is a narrative to characters, a man and a woman were about a grand passion ever happen in that telephone conversation counter the table laden breathless can imagine, and I'm inviting you to see different kind of story. Now let's often CIA agent and sponsor story about that double vodka and here where we choose to be the nonfiction writer was we put in have the power to set inherited emotion to create wonderful drama for our readers. I can't tell the reader the identity the boss all the facts don't describe the shape the details I do now. I sent out why did the heart of the conflict into characters case yesterday in our first lesson weirded you begin why looking at it now tell you about what is it tell you about where this story unfolding in front of their motivations and investment see his the we need to the decision launched a narrative arcing motion what we find it another way, I what makes an interesting begin writing you see writing exercise the story of your life biography of summons you know what good story well glory had at least raising have to have a near something has to happen what happens is the story of someone experienced up plot in a series of events filled with dramatic could hear course of true love. My drive the narrative arc along with a sense of momentum what will happen next. The reader asks Wilhite heroine escape the burning building allies win World War II of Ronald Reagan with the pivotal 1980 election, the reader things I will enjoy the evening fire you know what happens any good story has had some kind of conflict &





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