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Some Arizona crime scene cleanup employers have inside connections to the coroner, medical examiner, and county administrators' departments. So they have a monopoly over crime scene cleanup work and jobs. Employers train their own. Most often they hire friends and relatives. Do not call and do not spend money on crime scene cleanup training. It is a fraud. There's more in this line of thought at crime scene cleanup school.

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Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup Training -

Arizona Crime Scene Cleanup Training - Don't quite your day job. Don't spend money on crime scene cleanup training or schools. Get the job; employers do the training in .

Crime Scene Cleanup Jobs probably number close to neurosurgeon jobs -- just a few. Plus, crime scene cleanup training in Arizona begins after you get that job, not before.


You can still train. Crime scene cleanup training begins from waking to sleeping hours. Put another way, crime scene cleanup training goes on all day, every day.

If we look for an analogy between crime scene cleanup training and other occupations, law enforcement comes to mind. Crime fighters like Eddie Evans know wherever they go, crime lurks just a shadow away. Eddie never carries a gun, never needs one, doesn't believe in one. He doesn't need one. Eddie fights white-collar crime in Arizona county governments, coroner, administrator, and other departments harboring biohazard cleanup cronies.

Unlike Eddie, other crime fighters, like police officers, carry side-arms, guns. And here's the point when it comes to training and other occupations, police officers forfeit the use of their shooting arm and hand to their side-arm, 24/7/365. We see this in well trained police officers all the time. If right-handed, they carry objects in the left hand, both on and off duty, 24-7/365; left-handed, than vice versa.

Professional Law Enforcement Training

When the last time you saw a cop holding a cup of coffee in their shooting hand? Tijuana, Joe Six-Pack's security guards, maybe a recruit his/her first twenty minutes in the academy? Right, a professional police officer knows to keep that shooting hand empty at all times - ALL TIMES. Well, maybe not in the shower, but most of the time. After all, a cop in the habit of employing his shooting hand is a cop employed to second-thought in a combat-shooting environment. A second thought in a combat shooting environment leaves just enough time to kill a cop. Switching coffee from one's shooting hand to the other takes time, deadly time. Taking time to run through mental circuits while remembering what's in one's shooting hand takes time too. Bad habits kill. Don't start one.

Keeping it simple, a side-arm hand remains a side-arm hand from the first day of police work to the last, and then some. If done consciously from the outset by mental training, soon, training leads to good habits. Poor training leads to bad habits, like smoking.

So a professional cop never stops training their shooting hand; professional cops never stop training their minds when it comes to taking in their total environment; sights, sounds, odors, and whose where doing what and in what type of vehicle. We call a professional cop a "professional cop" because their minds do not stop working because someone tells them their "off duty."

It's the same in crime scene cleanup. Training begins with clearing one's mind. A trained crime scene cleanup practitioner keeps their mind on cleaning, not so much demolition. They train their bodies to life and move, bend, twist, and remain in motion for prolonged periods of time. They know beforehand, every day, to consider their physical condition; they know too that they might clean an object during their off hours, mentally, that is. "How would I clean this floor?" or "What's the possibility of fluid migration over this floor?" enter a cleaner's mind during off duty as well as on duty. That's what professionalism means, keeping at it.

You want to train; you need to train, and you dream to train. So why wait any longer? Here you find the sharpest, most up-to-date training information available for Arizona.

When working at training we really work for our bodies and the unforeseen. Crime scene cleanup throws unforeseen's at the cleaner often enough. Frank Williams, during a crime scene cleanup following a homicide, in Chicago, found himself face-to-face with the homicide's perpetrator. The police picked up the wrong person, and the perpetrator remained loose on the street. It happens in too.

Situations like this during work flip us into a filthy, stinking, nightmare task. Lucky for Frank Williams he kept himself in great shape, not to mention is 6' 4" stature came in handy when he subdued the homicide's perpetrator for police. It seems that the perpetrator knew about a hidden drug cache and the police missed it. A few critical questions by Frank that the crime scene's intruder had no business in the crime scene apartment. (Frank failed in his business attempt. He did not know about cronyism and nepotism in coroner and other county offices, which lead to his loss of nearly everything he owned. He now works at a Home Depot and continues walking for exercise.)


We all want a Frank Williams' body and a job as a crime scene cleanup practitioner, but jobs come hard, especially now that Reaganonics settled on our damaged country. Plus, our ruling elite cashed-in on their Wall Street racket; we paid for their criminal intent and we're continuing to pay. Once they got a hint that we were going to roll-over without a squawk, their gloves came off. You must have noticed the Republican attack on working-class wages and benefits; now they're selling the idea that we're responsible for deficits; like, no one started two wars at the same time while giving our ruling elite billions in tax breaks. A savvy training course will cover macroeconomics of this sort for a trainee's benefit. Current events always remain pertinent to one's mental health and citizenship duties; after all, we're all interested in being the very best, conscientious Arizona citizen possible.

Other than vote and help our neighbors as grass-roots organizers, community organizers like President Obama and Jesus Christ, we need to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit. It makes a lot of good sense. The cost of a healthy body comes cheap with a little energy and the will to keep at it every day. So when the window of opportunity opens for your crime scene cleanup practitioner job, or you're ready to add cleaning to your existing business, a physically fit body ensures you'll be ready to clean and clean thoroughly, night or day, any day.

For more onArizona crime scene cleanup training, visit my crime scene cleanup page. You'll find some really cool exercises and exciting stories about crime scene cleanup and other honorable stuff.

My name is Eddie Evans and I'm a cleaning man. I've cleaned all sorts of stuff, even a great big locomotive. I know from my experience cleaning that a self-employed cleaning person must remain in a physically fit condition. You never know when your next exciting cleaning task means 18 hours of non-stop motion, except for re-hydration stops.

Perpetrator Coming Back?

There's no telling when you'll need to take on one of these overlooked homicide perpetrators, like Frank Williams did late one night. has its days, too. No wonder Frank tried building his own cleaning business. He wanted to work for himself and he removed his employer's gloves for "the last time," he said. So if you want to clean like Frank Williams and actually kick some perpetrator ass, then come back here and read about what we're offering up for physical training.

Don't forget that I'm writing this stuff as fast as I can, and I'd say I've got a few good stories left to share, not to mention I'll have plenty of information for walking off fat, developing gluts and losing that fat gut. What I mean here remains here. Put another way, what I say here stays here. We don't want our crony, dirt bag, fascist competitors learning about our excellent training secrets.


Train here and you're trained for the future. Prepare yourself for what follows in this heyday of corporate robber barons and their pig sucking partners, coroner cronies. Which reminds me, ain' t the bigwig corporate pigs too big to jail? Now that's something. Crony pigs in corporate clothing getting by, by ripping off our grieving families. Cronyism need not confine itself to coroner, medical examiner, and county administration offices. No sireee.

While we're training here maybe we ought 'a look more closely at these pig thieves dress in fancy duds. "It would serve humanity hugely for these fancy-dan dumb pigs to jump out of high-rise windows," I think, suicide cleanup suits them.

Of course, if these pig shits die anytime too soon, then it's going to take biohazard cleanup technicians of the highest caliber to rid Mother Earth of their putrid filth. Don't ya just hate 'm all? I'd kill' all like the dude's say, "Eat the rich," , but the good book says let' m go; the lord will sort it out later. Well, I hope something becomes of them way down low in the bottom of the bowels of Mother Earth.

I said, "biohazard cleanup," not "decomposition cleanup," but a decomposition cleanup would fit the needed terms better. These pee-brains decomposed from the womb on forward.

I say, "Frank Williams formed the mold for the right kind of guys." I supposes the mold broke after Frank forged his way into the cleaning world, no doubt.

Crime Scene Cleanup Training and Eating

Young cleaners may not notice their body sugar dropping as they work in the same way as older crime scene cleanup practitioners. For both, eating a well balanced meal plays an important role in their overall cleaning and their ability to bounce back. We know from experience that crime scene cleanup requires an ability to remain fluid, limber, and in motion for prolonged periods of time.

Upper body strength comes in handy during those searches for bone frags. Walls must sometimes release skull fragments the old fashioned way, by scrubbing them out. Of course a good old-fashioned, hydrogen peroxide bath helps a lot. Revealing the whereabouts of these offending frags helps. Soaking a wall with peroxide also helps reveal cranial fluid and other potentially infectious material that would otherwise go unseen. Then there's the scrubbing. Close encounters with these materials means some strength must go into your scrubbing. Hard surfaces will not release all body fluids and bone fragments from simple dwell-time alone. So somebody's got to do the grunt work and scrub-and-rinse. Murder cleanup requires athletic endurance for a professional cleaning job.

Many times I've reached a violent homicide scene or a violent suicide scene with time conscious clients present. Business owners know all too well that down time due to a homicide cleanup or suicide cleanup means loss of important revenue. A decent business person will pay their employees while cleaning takes place; meanwhile, no money comes in to help defer costs, overhead. Then there's paying me. At $8 an hour it doesn't take long for my cleaning costs to soar.

So we're basically jumping into trauma cleanup before anyone has more than a simple sentence out of their mouth - - "Please clean this mess up as soon as possible." To me, a Eating owner, this means get this job done and out of the way. This guy's losing money and I'm on the hook. So remembering when and what I last ate becomes very important because I'm fut-tilt buggy with the wind. There's no time to stop for nutrition.

It goes without saying, then, before work, eat. Eat a good mean with lots of protein and plenty of carbohydrates. I don't recommend hamburgers. Fat in hamburgers is now added from processed beef fat, rather than accompanying fresh, cut beef. It may still help, but we don't know enough about it. We do know that hamburger buns carry a lot of sugar and poor carbohydrates. Before long this sugar enters our bloodstream and jacks up our energy supply quickly; there's a downside to it too, and it comes quickly. has good restaurants. Use them.

So eat and eat a good meal rounded out with plenty of protein and solid carbohydrates. I can't say enough about eating a hardy meal before starting and unattended death with a decomposition cleanup.

Our metabolic ability allows us to continue working diligently and efficiently for a long time when we plan ahead. We need to plan ahead because, unlike bats, we're built like the other mammals. In human terms, we cannot eat enough protein -- steak - - to work for long like a bat without cramping up from stomach distress. Imagine eating a 35 pound steak to gain enough protein expending a comparable amount of energy as a bat in an hour. Well, that's what's going on. Most mammalian metabolisms's won't come close to this type of energy expenditure. Think about it. Most mammals, including humans, sustain intense exercise with stored glycogen (soda pop) and fat (our hamburgers). Sugar eaten during cleaning in a safe zone may help for a while, but this approach leads to drained muscle strength rapidly. If you clean, you know what I mean.

Fat and glycogen conversion takes time, and eating during a crime scene cleanup means our bodies need time digest food into usable energy for muscles, not to mention muscle repair. Don't ear correctly and before we're hitting that death-dealing wall so many professional soldiers learn about the hard way. Everyone has a limit, and only eating correctly and diligent, exhaustive exercise can help avoid that nightmare athletes call the "wall."

Imagine a flying bat hitting an energy wall. They would drop. Ending their life like a rat on their forest floor means great shame and dishonor to an honorable, blood-sucking bat. Bats flap their wings to remain airborne; unlike birds, gliding hard to do with their small wings. So their wings must flap many thousands of times while hunting. Can you imagine flapping your arms many thousands of times in a couple hours?

Bats have to remain airborne all the time, so they have to find another solution to their energy wall problem, and they do. still has a few bats around. Keep your eyes open for them. These animals out number all other mammals.

They skip the fat and glycogen middlemen and convert insects (or blood depending on which bat species) directly into flight power. Bulldog bats in Panama have shown through breathalyzer tests in Panama that these airborne mammals convert insect fuel directly into their needed energy. This gives them a mighty advantage over land creatures like ourselves when it comes to converting food to energy. Free living bats give off carbon dioxide derived from eating insects like ants and moths while in flight. Captive bats give off gases showing that test bats were metabolizing stored fats and sugars. Is it any wonder that bat guana (bat poop) makes for a wonderful compost material or garden ingredient for great soil enhancement? It's got some serious stuff in it. Ask for it my name, "bat shit."

Looking at this bat to human analogy a little closer, bats absorb about 90 percent of their protein needs from protein-rich insects. What else? It's hard to find a fat-bearing insect out there. Although, I have seen some fat coroner crony employees in my time. So much for insects' food.

Twelve Foods for The Savvy Professional Cleaner

  1. Try oatmeal for a high fiber, high carbohydrate meal. It's said to help reduce heart disease by removing deadly cholesterol.
  2. Try Broccoli because it also has high fiber, antioxidants (to fight cancer oxidizers), high calcium and vitamin C.
  3. Try sweet potatoes come in handy for their high fiber and, antioxidants, and carbohydrates.
  4. Try eating yummy-yogurt for high calcium levels and maintaining high levels of probiotics (living bacteria) for an ecological sound stomach environment for digestion.
  5. Try tomatoes for their high lycopene content to fight prostrate cancer, guys.
  6. Try cabbage to boast fiber content to reduce cancer causing cancer.
  7. Try various fruits like strawberries, plums, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. These special fruits help produce antioxidants in a big way. Besides, they good for reducing cancer and heart disease.
  8. Try spinach for the Popeye look and feel. Some people believe that it works to reduce cancer and heart disease risk.
  9. Try citrus like oranges and grapefruit for their high fiber and cancer fighting vitamin C properties.
  10. Try brown rice for its trace minerals, fiber, and other cancer fighting elements. It's good for fighting heart disease, too.
  11. Try garlic to reduce stroke and heart attack risks.
  12. Try walnuts for a fast paced, fast food snack full of monounsaturated fat for lowering cholesterol levels and fighting heart disease. It's a great snack and a fantastic addition to yummy salads.

Anyway, here's twelve important foods for the hard working blood cleanup practitioner. We absorb only enough to satisfy about a quarter of our immediate energy needs.

What does this bat lesson have to do with a training practitioner? It tells us that our metabolism's need a lot of time to convert food to fuel. It tells us that hitting the proverbial energy wall common to athletes in training applies to that wall we hit with when our dwell-time ends, and scrub-and-rinse techniques wear our arms into spaghetti-like limbs. Don't let your competitors flap their arms better than you. Train by walking around streets..

Crime Scene Cleanup Training by Walking

You've spent time in the military and know all you need to know about walking. Or, maybe you've been a walker and want to start up again because you're interested in becoming a hard-core crime scene cleanup practitioner.

It's nearly impossible to out due walking for fitness. Heart, lungs, blood, muscles, bones, joints, brain, gastrointestinal tract, immune system, and maybe even our eyes and ears improve as we walk. Then there's mental health. If you're wage-earning practitioner, take a good luck at yourself. You'll see there's a mental health crack somewhere between your cerebral cortex (symbols - reason self) and your medulla oblongata (aligator self - violent)

Strength Training for The Heart

Like all muscles, the more we exercise our heart the more it grows, the stronger it grows, and the more blood it pumps. With more blood pumped, more nutrients and oxygen flow throughout the body, including the brain. It stands to reason that we walk to strengthen our heart. Important too, by walking 2 miles a day we decrease our risk of heart disease by 30 to 40 percent.

Drop by again and take a look at our totally excellent training exercises. Put on your high heels on baby; we're gonn'a rock tonight! Be sure to visit the new narrative at crime scene cleanup.


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